Link?ping University的Ashutosh Tiwari教授来访

2017-10-27 8:39:58

报告题目:Programmable bioelectronic devices and systems

报告人:Ashutosh Tiwari教授 (Institute of Advanced Materials, Link?ping University, Sweden)




Biodigital devices are emerged an interdisciplinary field of research in the biosensors and bioelectronics [1, 2]. Today, smart bio-interfaces are applying a renewed influence on bioelectronics beyond the incorporation of few or single atom(s)-thick two dimensional (2D) materials, which fuses the benefits of extraordinary stimuli-controlled interior and exterior catalytic atomic surfaces with those of super-thin digital biotechnology [3, 4]. The development of switchable and/or tunable interfaces of 2D materials endowed with desirable functionalities, and incorporation of these interfaces into on/off-switchable bio-devices [5-7]. The aim of talk is to demonstrate various strategies of stimuli-enabled programming of enzymatic super-thin digital systems answer by a considerable control in their biochemical behavior with uni- and multi-model triggering of interfaces via temperature, pH, light, etc. These smart bioengineered atom-thick approaches are being formulated that sense specific biochemical changes and regulate in a liable manner, making them useful super-thin biotechnological tools. The progress in this field would make significant contributions to new age biodigital energy and medical technologies.


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